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4 Ways to Make Fun Content in “Boring” Industries

The age-old war between cheerleaders and nerds reigns supreme, and not just in the lunchroom: it’s present in the content marketing world. Consumer-facing companies, especially ones in leisure, snacks, travel or entertainment industries, just get to have more fun. After all, they’re trying to sell fun, which perhaps a company with B2B communication software or sales automation products might not be able to do without jeopardizing their reputation.

When exploring marketing inspiration for small businesses, it’s easy to get bombarded by rustic logos, twee explainer videos, interactive web experiences and sassy tweets from members of a cooler, hipper crowd. But there’s no reason certain industries should get to own all the fun. Opportunities to delight your audience abound, and you can capitalize on them while retaining the trust and respect crucial to your business. Here are a few practical tips to get started.