Install a Facebook Pixel in 30 Seconds with Google Tag Manager

Install a Facebook Pixel in 30 Seconds with Google Tag Manager


The whole point of advertising on Facebook is to drive sales, signups, and leads for your business. But when visitors click over from an ad, how do you know who converts and who bounces without buying? Which ads are really most effective?

Facebook lets you peek into these individual user actions using a Facebook pixel: a bit of code installed on your website that tracks a user’s behavior after they click on your ad.

Using a Facebook pixel means you can get deeper insights into user behaviors and fine tune your future marketing efforts using that data.

You’ll know which ads perform better and lead to more conversions. You can drive sales with more effective advertising. Plus, you’ll be able to build lookalike audiences to reach new customers who are more likely to perform your desired action than the average Joe.

And thanks to a recent update, Facebook has made it even easier to get those rich insights by integrating directly with your existing Google Tag Manager instance. This means you can quickly publish your pixel directly to your website and even configure your tags and events without any custom code!  

Here’s how to do it.



Step 1: Create Your Pixel

Begin by opening up Ads Manager within Facebook.

Next, navigate to your Pixels tab by clicking on Facebook Ads in the top bar, hovering over All Tools, then selecting Pixels located under Assets.

Once there, you’ll be prompted to set up your Facebook pixel.

Click Create A Pixel and follow the prompts to create and name your pixel.

Now, we can set up your Google Tag Manager integration.


Step 2: Install Pixel With Google Tag Manager

After Facebook generates your pixel code, you’ll select how you want to install it on your website.

Choose Use an Integration or Tag Manager, then click Google Tag Manager.

Next, click Quick Install. You’ll be prompted to sign in with your Google account.

Follow the instructions to select your Tag Manager Account and Container.


Step 3: Add or Edit Tags (Optional)

If you choose, you can configure your Facebook pixel to track specific events that a user completes on your website.

There are a handful of standard events you can track, including purchases, form submissions, checkout initiations and more. If you’re already tracking these events in GTM, just hook up the appropriate FB Events to the existing triggers.

(If you don’t need any additional tags, you can publish your Facebook pixel code as-is and still collect advanced measurement data and audience targeting info.)

When your tags are set up the way you like, click next to review your settings.

Now, all that’s left is to…


Step 4. Publish & Test Your Pixel

Hit Publish and wait for Facebook to work its magic!

Once your pixel is installed, you can verify your installation by visiting Tag Manager and previewing your website to ensure everything is firing as expected. Then, just publish your GTM container, and your newfound data-collection engine starts humming.

See? Not hard at all!


From now on, you can track advanced interaction, audience, and goal completion data for campaigns you run on Facebook to your website.

There are plenty of ways you can use this data to enhance your Facebook ad strategy:

  • Grow your lead base with lookalike audiences that are similar to your current subscribers.
  • Build more effective ads by knowing which offers provide the best ROI.
  • Know your real sales and conversion numbers, instead of just guessing.
  • Target specific customers who have visited a page on your site, signed up, or completed a desired action.
  • Send follow-up offers to keep leads and customers engaged with your brand.
  • Use automatic bidding to drive sales among those most likely to convert.


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